Limited Edition Ginnovation at Tarquin’s HQ

Every now and then something new comes along that really sends your taste buds into a frenzy. And Tarquin’s latest limited edition flavour delight of hibiscus and lemon does just that.

The Low Down on Heswall Gin

The rumours are true - Heswall drinks so much gin that it had to open its own distillery! We jest of course, but it really is the case that we now have our own distillery right here in town, and they've burst onto the artisanal gin scene with a hyper-local Heswall Gin! We caught up with Jonpaul Stanhope and James White, founders, distillers, oh, and engineers...

Vilarnau Launch Alcohol Free Fizz

We're thrilled to tell you that our award-winning Cava producer and huge customer favourite Vilarnau has launched a pioneering organic, vegan, alcohol free fizz!

New Wine from Rhône and Burgundy

Keeping our range of wine fresh and new is a constant challenge for us. Balancing the need to keep customer favourites and best sellers on the shelf, whilst constantly keeping the range new and interesting is difficult to do without ending up needing an aircraft hangar! Those of you who know our shops will know that we are the antithesis of "hangar" so from time to time we have a good old review of our range.

Takeaway Wines - Thai

All too often we spend ages deliberating over what to have from that Just Eat or Deliveroo menu and give next to no consideration to what wine might go with it, opening up whatever's in the fridge or wine rack because "it'll do Marjorie, it's just a takeaway". With more of us staying in-in rather than going out-out this year, we think we can do better than "it'll do"! So we're here to arm you with some suggestions

A Tasty Trio of New Italian Wine

We don't like to stand still at Whitmore & White so we're always on the lookout for new and interesting wine, spirits, beer and food. Following a bit of a spring clean of our wine range, we're pleased to welcome three fantastic new wines just in from Italy - a pair of Lugana whites and a tantalising Chianti Classico from Tuscany. 

Stranded in New Zealand at Riverby Estate

Those of you who shop with us in Frodsham will know Katy, but you may not know that as well as working at Whitmore & White, she and husband Dave also import an outstanding range of wine from New Zealand, all of which you will find on our shelves. Katy was in New Zealand just before lockdown happened visiting one of our favourite wine producers 

W&W Welcomes HÃHÃ Wines

We're thrilled to welcome two new bottles of fabulous New Zealand fizz to Whitmore & White this spring, so we asked Toni Fyvie, European Sales Manager at HÃHÃ Wine to give us an introduction to the wines and the makers! We can't explain in words quite how fantastic this stuff really is, you're just going to have to try it. And at just £14.95, you should probably try both!

Alternatives to Everyday Supermarket Wines

With grocery purchasing going into hyperdrive at the moment, many of the supermarkets are running low on goods and restricting customer access. So, if you don't fancy the queues or even the virtual queues with supermarket websites, take a look at these fantastically super alternative wines to some of the supermarket staples. Yes, they may be a little bit more expensive but quality always shines through.