Last of the Summer Wine

With summer slowly slipping softly southward, we thought we'd select some seasonal superstars for sipping your way into those cooler, darker evenings, and that smell of wet leaves and yesterday's bonfire in the morning. You know, the one you lit to keep warm because gas costs more than a 1947 Cheval-Blanc...

Create Your Own Perfect Hamper!

It’s been said that it’s better to give than to receive, but we have some serious reservations about this statement – especially when the gift involves an abundance of top-notch food and drink! But either way it’s certainly a lot of fun putting together your very own Whitmore & White Hamper!

Wirral's Man at Montecalvi

Did you know that on our shelves you'll find an Italian wine made by a Wirralian in Tuscany? And as if that wasn't cause enough for celebration here on the Wirral, the wine he produces is outrageously good and you absolutely have to try it - the Montecalvi Chianti Classico 2018 vintage is now on our shelves and is outstanding!

Mixed Case Wine

No subscription. No palaver. Just superb wine at a fantastic price! Whitmore & White’s secret weapon is Dr. Graham Simpson, our highly experienced Wine and Spirits Buyer - and to help you supercharge your wine rack, he’s created the most amazing mixed cases of wine.

ArteMonte Organic Artisan Pâté

Pate has been a Christmas favourite since I can remember, or any special occasion come to think of it. I vote it’s time to change this convention and make it a staple for any day you fancy giving your palette a treat. Lavishly spreading this comfort-inducing cuisine onto crusty bread brings feelings of opulence that surely we deserve all year round.

Get Cultured with Kimchi

Every time I head to Google to ask what the latest food craze is, it always hits me with kimchi facts. It seems that the popularity of this Korean dish is growing day by day.

You can make kimchi yourself, in fact so many people started fermenting their veg last year that it created a shortage in canning jar lids due to the massive increase in demand. But getting that mix of spices right to achieve kimchi’s distinctively punchy flavour isn’t easy.  It’s simpler to buy it – plus you experience the authentic taste too.

Beef Up Your Roasties!

To become the master of your kitchen and to take the title of Chief Sunday Roast Maker you need From Our Farm’s Beef Dripping. We’ve tried it and OMG it makes the crispiest roast potatoes, the tastiest Yorkshire puddings on the planet, and as for the chips – well, they’re something else!

Limited Edition Ginnovation at Tarquin’s HQ

Every now and then something new comes along that really sends your taste buds into a frenzy. And Tarquin’s latest limited edition flavour delight of hibiscus and lemon does just that.

Italian Organic and Vegan Wines

The #bio Organic Chianti and #bio Organic Grillo are the new kids on the block here at Whitmore & White. They’ve only been with us for a month and they’re already proving to be a firm favourite! They hit the spot on so many levels.

You can tell from the label that the wine producer responsible for this cheery pair has respect for life in all of its forms as the simple ladybird design gives a most definite nod to the safeguarding of biodiversity. The wine producer in question is Gruppo Italiano Vini and they believe that the creation of these wines is ‘an act of love for nature’.