Glen Affric Brewery

Right now there are three things that we absolutely love about Glen Affric Brewery. The first is that they boast an eclectic range of beer suited to our modern palate, the second thing is that they’re local to us in Birkenhead and thirdly, the amazing beer. Did we mention that twice??

Everleaf Alcohol Free Gin

"Alcohol free what?" we hear you gasp! Yes you heard us right - GIN! These gins may not contain alcohol, but what they do contain in abundance is a complexity that yields a stylish sophistication. Everleaf have certainly raised the bar high in the world of grown-up non-alcoholic drinks.

Create Your Own Perfect Hamper!

It’s been said that it’s better to give than to receive, but we have some serious reservations about this statement – especially when the gift involves an abundance of top-notch food and drink! But either way it’s certainly a lot of fun putting together your very own Whitmore & White Hamper!

The Lost Tea Company

We're thrilled to welcome The Lost Tea Company to the shelves of Whitmore & White! As you might expect, we've tried quite a bit of tea in our time, but never had anything quite like this come our way. We can't quite put into words how good this stuff is, you're just going to have to try it for yourselves!

Cole’s Christmas Puddings

If you’re going to make your own Christmas pudding this year, hopefully you’ve already bought the copious amount of ingredients that you’re going to need. And with only a few weeks left until the big day you really need to be getting a wriggle on. Or you could always buy one. Pass it off as your own if you like, we don’t judge here!

Mackies Festive Crisps

Allow us to ease you into Christmas with the gentlest of nudges with these festive snacks. Mackies potato crisps are not only brimming with merriment, but they also indulge you with the flavours of Christmas in a bag.

And with news of a possible turkey shortage this year, this could be a tasty solution to get you that turkey dinner fix.

Villa Reale Sicilian Pasta Sauces

When Whitmore & White was a mere twinkle in our eyes, our mission was clear, to seek out the best food and drink. And one of the first products we fell in love with was Villa Reale’s pasta sauce. 

We import these sauces ourselves directly from Italy and are one of the only stockists in the UK. We tried them whilst in Italy and simply had to have them, so found a way to get them here!

Hello Fresh Wine Matching

We're big fans of Hello Fresh here at Whitmore & White. We know you can't be a gourmand every night - I mean who really has the time during the week? But this doesn't mean you can't eat well even if you're as time poor as we always seem to be! This is where Hello Fresh comes in, sweeping into your kitchen as personal shopper and private chef combined, with ingredients and recipes for creating fab food in no time at all. The only thing missing is the wine, so we're here to give you some perfect wine recommendations for the most popular Hello Fresh recipes!

Stokes Tomato Ketchup

Ketchup! What is it good for? Absolutely everything! A dollop of Stokes on a plate of fish and chips is what life’s all about.

But ketchup is more than just an accompaniment to a dish. You can mix it with soy sauce, sesame oil and sherry to make a sweet glaze, you can mix it with mayonnaise to create a mouth-watering Marie Rose sauce, you can add it to chipotle sauce and maple syrup for the ultimate BBQ sauce, and so much more.