Everleaf Alcohol Free Gin

Everleaf Alcohol Free Gin

"Alcohol free what?" we hear you gasp! Yes you heard us right - GIN! These gins may not contain alcohol, but what they do contain in abundance is a complexity that yields a stylish sophistication. Everleaf have certainly raised the bar high in the world of grown-up non-alcoholic drinks.


The taste experts behind these gins took inspiration from the beauty of our planet and packed these three award-winners with depth, aroma, and flora.

Everleaf Alcohol Free Drinks

Forest is a complex, bittersweet gin perfect for spritz drinkers. It’s flawlessly balanced with citrus flavours and spices to deliver a bold and exotic aperitif. Your senses will be uplifted with savoury saffron, warm Madagascan vanilla, fragrant orange blossom and earthy orris root. 

Marine is a crisp and refreshing drink bound to please fans of classic gins. It delights taste buds with its 16 carefully chosen sustainably sourced botanicals. Representative of a traditional dry gin with juniper notes, it shifts its personality slightly to take you on a trip to the coast with the addition of dulse, bergamot, thyme, sea buckthorn and olive leaf. If you’ve not tasted sea buckthorn before you’re in for a treat, it has a surprising tropical pineapple taste to add a subtle sweetness.

Mountain is the vibrant and aromatic one in this trilogy and if you can’t resist the charm of a pink gin or a glass of rosé, then this is for you. It boasts stacks of floral character with piney juniper, tart rosehip, savoury myrtle, strawberry, and black cherry. But it’s the big hit of cherry blossom that truly elevates this gin into a league of its own.  


If you choose a light tonic or a soda water to accompany an Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitif, your drink will contain less than 50kcal per 200ml serving. We love them just with ice!


All three aperitifs contain only natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. 

Could this really be the answer to guilt-free drinking but with all the taste? We think so. But don’t just take our word for it, try them for yourself.