Glen Affric Brewery

Glen Affric Brewery

Right now there are three things that we absolutely love about Glen Affric Brewery. The first is that they boast an eclectic range of beer suited to our modern palate, the second thing is that they’re local to us in Birkenhead and thirdly, the amazing beer. Did we mention that twice??


Until you hear the story of how Glen Affric Brewery came to be, you’d never guess that it started in China would you? The brewery’s co-founder, Craig McCormick was working in Shanghai when he first realised his passion for the drink and joined the team at China’s top craft brewery. Here he learned the trade and his spark to have his own brewery was lit.

The name of Craig’s brewery takes the name of the picturesque Scottish glen where the McCormicks have a family home. It was here, back in 2016, where Craig first set up and started his brewing adventure, but since then he’s acquired larger premises in the Wirral, the place he and his family truly call home.


Craig is joined by his father Trevor, his mum Alison, and his brother Calum and together they manage every element of the beer making process including the canning to maintain its superior quality. They’ve always focussed on sessionable West Coast styles but have managed to find the perfect balance with experimental beers too.

You’ll notice that they take a lot of inspiration from desserts – we’re with them on that one – so expect to see rhubarb, banana, passionfruit, and mango get the occasional mention in their flavour descriptions.

Their sessionable styles make for the ultimate in relaxed drinking sessions as you can enjoy quite a few cans without overdoing it due to their relatively low alcohol content.



We stock 13 of their beers, all with very distinct tastes. There’s something for everyone, so whether you’re looking for a hoppy classic, a citrusy hit, or even a tropically juicy punch you’ll find your new favourite here.

To check out the range head to our online shop now, or come visit us in Frodsham or Heswall.