Wines for Christmas day - Part 2

Wines for Christmas day - Part 2

So, following on from our previous blog, here are three wines to have with Christmas dinner. We have a number of dinners to consider; classic roast turkey, roast goose, chicken, lamb, beef, nut-roast to name but a few of the traditional. So I am thinking one white and two red. Here goes…..

Richard Hamilton Almond Grove Chardonnay £15.95

This South Australian Chardonnay hails from McLaren Vale where the sun shines strongly and the vines grow deep. This results in quality grapes for fermentation. Being Chardonnay they take to oak like a duck to water and the final wine is something beautifully balanced and creamy, with subtle toasty oak and butterscotch notes. Very much a rich food wine, this is perfect with the vast array of goodies on the Christmas table.

Chateau La Croix de Grezard £18.95

Hailing from the Lussac St Emilion region on the right bank of the Dorgogne River in Bordeaux, this Merlot dominated red wine blend has essentially been our “House Bordeaux” since we started and we have had every vintage since the 2008. It’s rich, but not too rich. It’s both fruity and earthy as many red Bordeaux (Claret) are in their youth. As with most Clarets, it’s a wine that needs food to show its best and the flavours from turkey/goose/beef/lamb and the pigs in blankets are very much required to do this wine justice. 

Montecalvi Chianti Classico £23.95

A stunning Chianti Classico made by a native Wirralean, Tim Manning, who has lived in Italy for the  best part of twenty years. Anything Tim touches wine-wise turns to gold and now he is head winemaker for Montecalvi, he isn’t resting on his laurels. He puts his drive, passion and desire for producing stunning wines into bottle and the result is a little bit of Heaven so to speak. The only food on the Christmas dinner table this probably wouldn’t go with is the Christmas pudding, but I could be wrong……