Feeling Chile..?

Feeling Chile..?

Brrrr…..it’s cold. What we need is a nice warming red wine. Something that would go very nicely with a hot casserole or a warm roast dinner. Well, since it’s chilly outside, how about feeling Chile inside? (Oh, yes,very good. I see what you did there - Ed.)

So, let’s look at a lovely line-up of Chilean reds.

Emiliana Adobe Reserva Organic Cabernet Sauvignon £11.95

Do you remember the blackcurrant and liquorice sweets in a purple wrapper from the sweet shop when you were younger (maybe they still make them)? Anyway, this Chilean Cabernet is blackcurrant and liquorice in a bottle. Warmingly rich and smooth too. Great with pizza, fresh out of the oven.

Casas del Toqui Reserva Merlot £16.95

For the last 30 years, this winery has been concentrating its efforts in both manpower and technology into development of its unique wines. This Merlot comes from grapes selected from some of their best vineyards in the Cachapoal Valley and it is characterised by intense aromas of chocolate, damsons and oak. Perfect with a hearty casserole.

In Situ Hillside Blend £16.95

A blend, most half and half of Syrah (Shiraz) and Mourvedre, with 5% Viognier in to lift up the aromas and lend a slight floral element to the wine. Sourced from select vineyards in the Aconcagua Valley, the grapes are vinified separately in stainless steel vats then transferred to older oak barrels, which helps to soften the fruit notes and add another dimension to the finished wine. The three wines are then blended before bottling. A sumptuous red wine with warming notes of red berry, winter spices and vanilla. Great with a juicy rib-eye steak.

Cousino Macul Antiguas Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon £19.95

Hailing from vineyards in the Maipo Valley, this is a decadent Cabernet Sauvignon. Yes, it has Chile’s stamp of Cabernet with the blackcurrant and liquorice notes, but this is not simply a fruit bomb of a wine. After fermentation, the wine was matured in oak barrels for 12 months then a further 6 months in bottle. This leads to a wine of great concentration and myriad aromas/flavours; blackcurrant, liquorice, cinnamon, cedar-wood, cherries and vanillin-oak. Great with a roast leg of lamb.

Casas del Toqui Gran Toqui Carmenere £24.95

Another wine from the Casas del Toqui stable and this time it’s a behemoth! Imagine a style of wine that takes the plummy, damsony nature of a Merlot, the blackcurrant and liquorice notes of a Cabernet Sauvignon and the spicy, peppery style of a Syrah/Shiraz and wraps it all up into one grape - that grape is Carmenere. What a grape it is and what a wine this is. This is best enjoyed with friends and large wine glasses.