The Lost Tea Company

The Lost Tea Company

We're thrilled to welcome The Lost Tea Company to the shelves of Whitmore & White! As you might expect, we've tried quite a bit of tea in our time, but never had anything quite like this come our way. We can't quite put into words how good this stuff is, you're just going to have to try it for yourselves!

Katie had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Harry and Jack from the Lost Tea Company back in October at Newcastle Racecourse’s Food and Drink Event. Harry lives in Myanmar but the pandemic has prolonged his stay here in the UK – so it really was a fortuitous chance encounter.


Harry’s mission is to help spread the love of Myanmar Tea and we’re super excited to be a part of this.

Their tea is sustainably farmed in the picturesque hills of Pindaya where Harry and his team work with smallholder farmers in the area known for their exceptional tea growing knowledge. Their commitment to the environment is echoed in their packaging too – there’s no plastic in sight.

The small farms that the Lost Tea Company work with are all excited to share their product to the wider world. It’s not just skill that they have in abundance – it’s pride too.

The Lost Tea Company’s main office is also based in Pindaya and we just love what Harry has to say about it, “It was easy for us to fall in love with this place, the steep green hillside rising out of the town, Pagodas dotted intermittently, and the lake with lovely little teashops and eateries surrounding it.” Sounds idyllic doesn’t it?


The tea is handpicked and organic to make sure only the best leaves get to make the deliciously refreshing drink that ends up in your cup.

While the Lost Tea Company’s tea is sold in Myanmar and enjoyed in their local tea shops, you can find them in a handful of UK shops now too including both our Frodsham and Heswall stores.


The Lost Tea Company



Red Turmeric Tea - Warm, fruity, and packed with antioxidants. Red turmeric has a sweetness about it that makes this tea incredibly comforting.

Green Tea - This is Pindaya’s favourite. It’s refreshing, light and clean. And improves with every use – you can use the tea leaves up to three times and your tea will taste even better on your third cup. This really is music to the ears of all tea fans!

Black Tea - In Myanmar this is known as red tea. It’s rich and subtly fruity with a delicate sweet aftertaste. It’s recommended that you drink this neat without sugar or milk to truly appreciate its wonderful flavour.

Ginger Tea - This immune boosting, revitalising tea is perfect for when you feel like you need a pick me up. You’ll instantly feel brighter with this tea’s smooth ginger flavour and subtle spiciness.