Limited Edition Ginnovation at Tarquin’s HQ

Limited Edition Ginnovation at Tarquin’s HQ

Every now and then something new comes along that really sends your taste buds into a frenzy. And Tarquin’s latest limited edition flavour delight of hibiscus and lemon does just that.


We’ve been selling Tarquin’s gin for a while now. Obviously, the taste and smoothness of their gins are stellar, but we love who they are too. They are a fully independent, family-run business that produces small batches of carefully crafted gin.

Each and every bottle of gin that they produce receives special attention before it leaves their distillery on the rugged Cornish coast. They take the time to hand dip the bottles into wax to make every bottle unique.

Everything that they do is handcrafted and traditional, and that’s why we believe their gins to be extra special.


This limited edition gin has been crafted to represent the flora that gently decorates the Cornish coast and the return of the sunshine at a golden beach. It’s distilled with rose, vibrant fresh lemon and infused with delicate hibiscus petals. It’s these petals that give the gin it’s outstanding colour too.

We recommend popping in a strawberry or two with lots of ice to serve. And then simply relax and enjoy.


The Hibiscus and Lemon Gin has several brothers and sisters who all have their own personalities. Here they are all:

Tarquin’s Gin: The flagship gin with just a hint of violet and orange zest. The violet petals that are infused in this classic dry gin have been handpicked by the team from nearby Devon.

Rhubarb and Raspberry Gin: Super refreshing with all the taste! We love turning this into a long drink with lashings of ginger beer.

Blood Orange Gin:  Created to work just as well as a spritz with sparkling white wine or sparkling elderflower. Or you can innovate too and develop your own cocktail.

Tarquin's Gin

Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower: Think ‘grapefruit’ and you taste grapefruit. Think ‘elderflower’ and you taste elderflower. When you can taste the layered flavours individually, you know it’s beyond ordinary.

Navy Seadog Gin: Tarquin’s launched this 57% navy strength gin to commemorate the disbanding of Cornwall’s Royal Navy Rescue Squadron 771 back in 2016 believing it to be a limited edition. But due to its popularity it’s still going strong.

Strawberry and Lime Gin: So much more than just a fruity gin with the addition of 14 hand selected botanicals which include cracked black pepper, sweet orange blossom, warm spices and soft pine.

Blackberry and Honey Gin: What an all-rounder! To celebrate the British berry, you can drink this gin over ice, with sparkling water or even prosecco.

Can’t decide? No problem, we stock a set of Tarquin miniatures. The set features their flagship dry gin, the rhubarb and raspberry, the blackberry gin and the strawberry and lime. And if you do fall in love, why not treat yourself to a full size bottle of Tarquin’s Gin with two elegantly etched gin balloon glasses.