Beef Up Your Roasties!

Beef Up Your Roasties!

To become the master of your kitchen and to take the title of Chief Sunday Roast Maker you need From Our Farm’s Beef Dripping.

We’ve tried it and OMG it makes the crispiest roast potatoes, the tastiest Yorkshire puddings on the planet, and as for the chips – well, they’re something else!


The dripping is hand made on farms across Wales from 100% British beef. The cows have been hand-reared too on natural grass pastures. In fact, the cows are recognised as being PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) and this is your assurance of origin and quality. PGI is also a guarantee that the self-sufficient farms use traditional and sustainable farming methods such as using natural rainfall, low density grazing and mixed agriculture systems to help maintain the health of the soil and to offer the best nutrition to the cows.

The cows and the land they graze on receive the best care from the farmers who have gained knowledge and expertise from the generations of farmers above them. And it’s this commitment to care that makes their products taste so ruddy amazing!


We’re not surprised that the beef dripping has attracted the attention of the food professionals. The illustrious dripping is winner of the 2019 2 Star Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food. We bet they’ll be getting more awards before too long!


A sprinkling of Halen Mon Sea Salt from Wales on your roasties and chips is unbelievably good too to elevate the taste even more. And no beef dinner is complete without a hearty red wine, one just like the Killibinbin Seduction Cabernet Sauvignon.

Go on, treat yourself this Sunday!