A Crash Course in Sherry!

Having had our Sherry and Tapas tasting in Heswall last month, and with our Sherry tasting on the way in Frodsham this week, we thought it was time to talk a little bit about this under-appreciated star of the wine world.

Break out the Barbie with Fab Summer Wines

So as it's the height of the "summer" (ahem€¦) we thought we'd highlight a few fantastic wines that go really well with an array of BBQ food. With August rapidly escaping us, the sun has surely got to come out eventually... right?

Casa Silva Chilean Wine

Last week saw our Chilean Wine Tasting at the shop with guest host Johnny Bingham who represents one of Chile's best known wine making families. The Silva family only began producing wine in 1997, but have had meteoric success in what is a relatively short period of time in wine making terms! We first tried the Silva family wines in 2013 and we knew on the spot that we had to get behind their wines. You'll find a good range of their wines in the shop so there's plenty of choice.

Perfect Sparkling Wines for Summer!

If you've noticed how warm it has been lately and you're anything like us, you'll also have experienced an overwhelming thirst come over you that can only be sated by something ice cold and bubbly. Lemonade is always an option, but it's hardly going to set the world on fire! What you need is some sparkling wine to cool you down, loosen you up and help you through this summer weather!

The Wines of Mischief & Mayhem!

Mischief and Mayhem Wines is the creation of Brits Michael and Fiona Ragg and their friend Michael Twelftree. In 2003, after working for Berry Bros & Rudd wine merchants in London for almost ten years,

Pairing Wine & Cheese

Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting down with just a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. The only difficulty is deciding which cheese to have with your wine. This month's blog is designed to lift the lid on matching cheese with wine.