Whitmore Gin Baubles

Whitmore Gin Baubles

Sorry, did we just say gin baubles? Baubles full of gin? To hang on a Christmas Tree? Have we lost the merry gin-fueled plot? Not yet! It's a true story! We've made our very own gin baubles using our very own Whitmore Gin!

Featured in this month's Cheshire Life Christmas gift guide, our Gin Baubles are hands-down the must-have stocking filler this year. Each gin bauble contains three double shots of our very own Whitmore Gin and come in two flavours; raspberry or blueberry. And as if that wasn't fabulous enough, we added some gin glitter too! Yep, you heard us, gin glitter. Glitter for gin.

Whilst gin baubles are designed to hang on your tree, it is unlikely that many of them will stay there for long. Finished wrapping all the presents? Gin Bauble! Got the kids to sleep before Santa comes? Gin Bauble! Survived Christmas Dinner without an argument with passive-aggressive auntie Wendy? Gin Bauble!

So whatever you're planning this Christmas, you really do need our gin baubles in your life, hanging on your tree, filling up your stockings, and helping you gingle all the way through the festivities!

Until next time,

Jamie & Joe

PS - Please hang your baubles responsibly if you're putting them on your tree - up high and out of the reach of children.