Chocolate Covered Almonds - A Genius Combo!

Chocolate Covered Almonds - A Genius Combo!

If we were to ask you to name two things that were meant to be together, how would you answer. Maybe you’d say tea and biscuits, bacon and eggs, Ant and Dec?

You’d actually be wrong though. When some clever so and so covered an almond with chocolate, they didn’t just invent a rousing taste sensation, they actually made the world a better place. Indulging in a chocolate covered almond transports you to place of sophistication and calm. It’s true.

Let the world stop for just a moment and take time to appreciate this genius combo. When these two exquisite ingredients collide, they deliver the most resplendent experience.  


We’ve been searching high and low to bring you the ultimate chocolate covered almonds. And we found them!

These are the symbolic handmade creations of the highly skilled artisan chocolatiers at Bombons Cudié based in Catalunya. Each one is a moment of deliciousness. The chocolate praline elevates the taste of the sweet toasted and caramelised Mediterranean Marcona almond known as the Queen of Almonds. The family recipe together with a list of ingredients used is one of the best kept secrets since 1946.

Catanies Spanish Marcona Chocolate Almonds

Cudié Catanies Almonds Crema Catalana: Crème brûlée flavoured white chocolate with a hint of orange.

Cudié Catanies Original Chocolate Almonds: Hazelnut praline with a dusting of the finest cocoa powder.

Cudié Catanies Almonds with Himalayan Pink Salt: Salted hazelnut praline dusted with the highest quality pink Himalayan salt enveloped in a rich white chocolate.