Howdah? The Authentic Indian Snacks that Pack a Punch

Howdah? The Authentic Indian Snacks that Pack a Punch

Namaste Snackers! This is how the owners of Howdah? Snacks greet their customers. They clearly want everyone to experience some serious vibes while enjoying their snacks.

There’s so much to love about Howdah Snacks. Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging – cool right? Its design transports you to traditional India to evoke a welcoming emotion. Then there’s the taste, we’ll move on to that in a bit. But what is truly amazing is that Howdah supports children around the world every time a customer buys a packet of their snacks.

These Snacks are for Sharing!

The huge hearted team at Howdah started off, like a lot of other businesses, with a dream. This dream was to use food as a force for good. To do this, they brought the incredible snacks of India to us here in the UK. They also have a second mission – for people to not just think of food as food, but to think of it as a medium that brings friends and families together.

Taste that Delivers a Rush of Excitement

Believe it or not, these snacks, aren’t your everyday snacky things that get popped in the mouth, chewed, swallowed and forgotten about. No way!

They stir an adventure within you. A rush. A thrill. A titillating moment you can’t forget.

They’ve been created to assault your senses, to experience the authentic taste of India. Quite simply, you’d be hard pushed to find a more exotic snack.

Howdah Indian Snacks


The Bombay Mix brims with a jumbledupness of roasted peanuts, lentils and other crunchy goodies coated in Howdah’s signature blend of traditional spices.

The lively aroma of the Onion Bhaji snacks is addictive. Feel free to breathe it in before eating. Exquisite half moons of pure crunchy heaven packed with a mellow onion taste combined with zesty turmeric and a hint of chilli create the perfect match for a cold beer.

Masala Dippers don’t disappoint with their top-notch dipping qualities. Discover the perfect dipping flatbread to complement your favourite pickle or relish with their delightful adrenaline-fuelled combo of chili, turmeric and cumin.

And if you’re after something completely different – you’re gonna love the Bakarwadi. Open up a bag and find yourself in unknown territories. Each bag is full of crunchy pinwheel pastries with sweet, warm notes of honey and warming spices.

Bags of Opportunities

Howdah are committed to give every child the opportunity to learn. Across the world, millions of children miss out on their education due to hunger. With every pack sold, Howdah feed a child in need with a free school meal.

Together, we’re feeding the future.