Burt’s Blue - A Cheese with Personality

Burt’s Blue - A Cheese with Personality

A cheese with personality? You betcha. And it’s got it by the bucket load.

We’re delighted to introduce you to Burt’s Blue, the social butterfly of the cheese board with just the right amount of boldness. It really is the easy-going extrovert of the party.

The experts at Burt’s Cheese, based in Knutsford, have proudly called their handcrafted Burt’s Blue their flagship product. When you get to taste it, you’ll see why.

Before the unique taste kicks in, you’ll instantly fall in love with its perfect semi-soft texture. Unlike other blue cheeses that boast harsh notes, Burt’s Blue takes a gentler approach to deliver a softer taste with just the right level of saltiness.

Let’s talk about the science behind the tang!

Local single herd milk from Halton Farm on the Rhode Hall Estate is inoculated with Penicillium Rocqueforti which grows on the surface of the cheese to create swirls of greenish grey. Claire Burt and her team then carefully hand-pierce the cheese to allow in oxygen – these piercings are distributed evenly to allow blue veins to grow uniformly within the cheese. The end result – a superb, sweet tang with every mouthful.

Perfect pairings

Burt’s Blue is easy to pair with a plethora of food and drink as it has no intention of overpowering. Just complementing.

It goes without saying that Port loves the company of a blue cheese, but give it a go with a sparkling red, like the vivacious Syn. Now, that’s a taste sensation to get conversations going.

To fit in your five a day, serve with fresh figs and pears, or maybe a plum chutney. And as ever, a good quality cracker or savoury biscuit is essential. We’ve got a superb range for you to choose from.

About Claire Burt and her team of talented cheese makers.

Claire made her first batch of cheese on her kitchen table – and it was top drawer. Not surprising really as she’s worked in the dairy industry for some time and has a true passion for all things cheese. In 2010 her Burt’s Blue won Gold at the International Cheese Show in Nantwich. Her dedication to remain ‘hands on’ with the cheeses hasn’t gone unnoticed and Burt’s Cheese was recently named Best Producer by the Observer Food Monthly.