The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

It's stuck in our heads, The Final Countdown, except in my version we're not heading for Venus - although a holiday anywhere would be nice about now...

As we make final preparations ahead of opening this Saturday, our days feel like weeks and our shelf-stacking arms feel exhausted! I don't know if anyone has ever been taken ill thanks to exposure to too many nice things, but we're nothing if not pioneers.

The food shelves, fridges and wine racks have completely filled up this week, so what was feeling like a building site started to look like a shop. An actual shop! All of our ideas were suddenly taking form and for the first time were all coming together in one place to form our vision of what a food hall should look like. If nothing else it put a smile on our faces after weeks of sawdust and going home looking like modern art after painting until midnight.

As I sit here writing this, the last of the cheese and cured meat has arrived in from Spain and Joe is playing Tetris with the fridge. I am eyeing up a very lovely looking bit of Manchego with rosemary, but I have been threatened with a cheese wire and have decided to leave it alone. Apparently we have to sell it. The last bottle of wine went on the shelves this morning, an amazing Valpolicella Ripasso which we are all over the moon with. If you're coming for the wine, definitely add it to the list!

We're open from 10am on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you on the big day!

Jamie & Joe