"Ooh, you've got those!" (and other feedback)

It's been a couple of weeks since we opened, so I thought I'd start with a message of thanks to everyone who has visited the shop and given us such tremendous support and fantastic feedback. By far the most frequent comment has been aboutthe huge range of lovely things that we have managed to squeeze into the shop. When customers arrive and promptly glaze over at the cheese fridge or the whisky shelves, we know we've done something right€¦

It has been difficult to tell everyone about everything that we do all in one go, but if you visit the shop and spend some time browsing, you'll see exactly what people mean when they say, "ooh, you've got these" or "how did you get hold of this?" or "nowhere does those". When a French lady arrived and demanded to know how on earth we had managed to get our camembert out of France we were a bit taken aback, but given that it is known to be one of the best in her country, we understood why she might ask!

We've also been quite surprised at how popular certain things have been. We stock Padrón peppers but keeping them on the shelves has been almost impossible as they sell out so fast. Our bread and pastries from French Corner in Liverpool have flown out of the door, as has everything on the patisserie counter and along with the fresh Orchard Pigs pies and scotch eggs.

Our wine and spirits selection has received a lot of praise for being really interesting and different, and we've seen grown men squeal (yup, squeal) at our whisky selection. We stock 76 different types along with hard to find whiskies as they become available. Several of our wines have already proved to be big hits, and both of our upcoming wine tastings are almost fully booked (see our events page if you want to grab the last few places).

So, thanks to you all. If you've not visited us yet, we're next-door to HSBC on Pensby Road, just off the main crossroads in the middle of Heswall. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jamie & Joe