Tasting Hour - Spanish Almonds

Tasting Hour - Spanish Almonds

Tasting Hour this week is dedicated to one of our smallest but tastiest pleasures - our smoked and caramelised Spanish almonds.

Our Spanish almonds are incredibly morish, and as the Moors introduced almonds to Spain hundreds of years ago they are also Moorish (sorry, couldn't help myself!). We stock three varieties of Spanish almonds - Salted Marcona Almonds, Smoked Marcona Almonds and Caramelised Largueta Almonds.

Marcona almonds are shorter, rounder, softer, and sweeter than other varieties. Ours are from Catalonia, to the north-east of Spain. The plain salted variety have been roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. They are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of dry sherry, such as our Tio Pepe Fino. Whilst the salted variety are delicious, my absolute favourite have to be the Smoked Marcona almonds. These are roasted and salted but have also been smoked to add an extra depth of flavour. Nothing goes better with a cold cerveza, and I will admit to being a little addicted to them!

Largueta almonds are slightly sweeter than Marcona almonds. Ours are coated in a beautifully crisp caramelised sugar shell. They are great on the own, but can also be used as an ingredient, particularly in desserts. Try them crumbled over vanilla ice cream, heaven!

Pop in on Saturday morning from 11-12 and give them a try!

Joe x