Tasting Hour - Dough It Yourself Pizzas

Tasting Hour - Dough It Yourself Pizzas

Half term is coming up, so what better option for a fun, easy and delicious dinner than freshly baked Dough It Yourself pizzas!

Not a week goes by for us without one night being Dough it Yourself Pizza night! These fabulous pizza bases and sauces let you make a gorgeous fresh baked pizza without the hassle of having to make and roll you own dough, Cheating you say? Well yes, exactly!

These pizzas are nothing like what you'll find on the supermarket shelves. The bases are beautifully thin and make a lovely crisp pizza. You only have to follow the simple cooking guidelines by adding one of their divine sauces (Romano or the spicier Vesuvio) and a few toppings of your choice to the base before putting your creation in the oven and, within 6-8 minutes, you have a stunning homemade pizza. There are two bases in each pack so more than enough for all the family (although I will admit I often eat a whole one!). There's also a gluten free version of the bases.

With half term coming up we thought it was a good time to get these fantastic pizzas out on tasting for you to try. A great way to cook with the kids and let them top there own pizzas. We have everything you'll need in store, some of our favourite toppings are sliced Alejandro Chorizo Magno or Rannoch Smoked Duck with buffalo mozzarella. If you're feeling more adventurous then you can go gourmet and try Ticklemore goat's cheese with figs or mushroom and truffle oil. Perhaps a good option for a simple Valentine's night dinner with a bottle of Soraighe Valpolicella Ripasso.

We'll be making pizzas for you to try in Frodsham and Heswall from 11 till 12 on Saturday, come on down for a slice!

See you Saturday

Joe x