What O'Clock? Celebrating Dictionary Day

What O'Clock? Celebrating Dictionary Day

We all have our quirks, mine is a love of words. The changing way we communicate intrigues me. My absolute bugbear is text speak, I really haven't a clue what all those acronyms mean, and nor do I want to. Many words originate from an olde worlde language, it'd be a crying shame to loose them and the tales that accompany their meaning. This Sunday is Dictionary Day, an opportunity for us to challenge our vocabulary, to broaden it and perhaps take an opportunity to expand our language to the full scope of the tongue's diversity.

Do you ever check new entries into the Oxford English Dictionary? No, just me then. It's actually very entertaining; 'new' words mirror current trends and invariably provoke emotions. My favourite new entry is hangry : anger through lack of food. We all know someone who suffers from this, now recognised, condition.

Two other very on-trend phrases which have made the dizzy heights of the OED are Wine O'Clock and Beer O'Clock. Obviously (or should I say obvs), we are also allowed to say Gin O'Clock, Whisky O'Clock, Chocolate O'Clock and anything else we consider extravagant with no set time in which to indulge said luxury. We have been given a green light to eat, drink and be merry any time of the day.

So what do we suggest you drink as an indulgent yet drinkable wine any time of the day? There is no set time for you to visit us at West Kirby or Frodsham and enjoy a glass of wine or partake in one of our famous gin boards.

Just two of the wines we have open for you every day are a New Zealand Sauvignon and a Chilean Red. The zesty Riverby Estate Sauvignon Blanc is full of vibrant grapefruit, asparagus and blackcurrant leaf notes. The sumptuous Casa Silva Merlot is a deep purple colour with a fresh bouquet of black fruit. When you visit West Kirby you must take a look at the wines on offer in our state of the art wine dispensing machine.

A Gin Board you say?

Yep, you heard/read right, West Kirby and Frodsham serve delightful gin boards every day. These are an exquisite way of trying three different gins with three different tonic waters and garnishes to complement the drinks.

Staying In Is the New Going Out

Or, if you prefer to take a bottle of something lovely home with you, have a chat to our wine experts who are on hand to help you find your perfect bottle. You'll find Tom and Katie in Frodsham, Graham in Heswall and Simon in our new West Kirby shop.

We all look forward to seeing you soon!