Mandi's Murder Mystery!

Mandi's Murder Mystery!

What does the month of February mean to you? Valentine chocolates and pancakes perhaps? All lovely indulgent stuff, but the main event for me is the hosting of a Murder Mystery Party with my closest friends, or should I say fiends?

I held a Murder Mystery a few years ago as an excuse to get everyone together; now it's an annual event. But really, do you need an excuse to invite your friends round for good food and wine? Probably not, I have heard that staying in is the new going out.

As both the host and a 'suspect' it's important that I don't miss out on any clues that may emerge, so pre planning the meal ensures there are no further surprises on the night, plus I get more time with my friends. Preparation is the key; and cheating of course - not that anyone would notice!

Being lucky enough to work at Whitmore & White in Frodsham there are ideas aplenty on the shelves. So what did I come up with?

Sinful starters: Selection of olives, breadsticks, stuffed vine leaves and antipasto meats; no cooking involved, just the opening of jars and packets. We really are spoilt with their range of Mediterranean delights.

Murderous main: Albondigas. I added chorizo and lashings of smoky paprika to the homemade meatballs and stirred juicy sun-dried tomatoes into the sauce for extra flavour. Easily made the night before and re-heated in the oven before the guests arrive; served simply with crusty bread.

Devilish dessert: Sugar waffles, toffee sauce (bought elsewhere, but don't tell the boss!) accompanied by Cheshire Farm Honeycomb Ice Cream. Waffles quickly warmed up, a squeeze of sauce and a large portion of the gorgeous ice cream. If you haven't checked out the varieties of Cheshire Farm Ice Cream available at Whitmore & White then you are in for a treat - simply mouthwatering!

Fiendish fizz: What Murder Mystery wouldn't be complete without a bottle of Syn? Syn Shiraz is not what you expect, it's a bubbly redhead best served chilled - delicious. This really does bring to life the phrase 'I could murder a drink'!

And if you were wondering ... it wasn't the butler ... it was me!!!!!!