The Heswall Relocation Begins

The Heswall Relocation Begins

If you hadn't heard already nor seen the signs on the building, we are relocating our Heswall branch to 124a Telegraph Road! We are half way through refurbishing and fitting out the new shop, which is between M&S and Burnt Truffle and has its very own car park.

We were really torn about whether to make the move. On the one hand, we really love our existing shop. It was our first one and is in a really great location in the centre of Heswall (not to mention the fact that we spent a small fortune refurbishing it!). On the other hand, it is not in the easiest location for popping into, and there is no parking unless you fancy taking the "Stairs of Doom" from the Puddydale! When the shop at 124a Telegraph Road became available, it seemed like a good time to bite the bullet and skip across town!

For the past few weeks we've been working like troopers refurbishing the new shop with the help of a very talented band of tradesmen who will almost / hopefully / sort of / definitely have everything ready on time...

Saturday 10th March will be our last day in our current location. We will then be closed for two days and reopen on Tuesday 13th March ahead of our official launch party on Saturday 17th March! More info on social media to follow!

Jamie, Joe, Laura & Graham