Wine By The Glass

Wine By The Glass

Wine has been a passion of mine for a long time, I enjoy talking about it, but It is still a daunting subject, even for me. After all, any recommendation will always be based on my tastes and what I enjoy drinking, and knowing that my recommendation could be the difference between the perfect anniversary meal or spoilt evening, I feel the pressure!

At Whitmore & White we offer a unique customers service experience, the ability to try a selection of wines before you buy. Why is this unique I hear you ask? It is true that other wine shops will often open a bottle or two at the weekend for you to sample. But we decided to invest in the latest technology available to us and purchased some By The Glass machines so that we can offer our customers a choice of different wines to try.

It is not just the ability to offer wines to try that make these machines so functional, they also keep the open bottles in perfect condition. That in turn, means we can open more expensive bottles for our customers to try, an opportunity most people can't turn down.

The beauty of these machines is in their simplicity and elegance. We can easily change the wines meaning we can always offer something different. They also allow us to pour wine by the glass meaning you come in and enjoy a glass of wine before choosing whether to buy it.

So next time you're deliberating over which wine to buy, try a few first. Together with our expert wine advice, you're in very safe hands!