Some Young Punks

Some Young Punks

Something bold, exciting and a little bit sensual has been causing quite a stir here at Whitmore & White these past few weeks. All the way from the land down under, where women glow and men plunder, we have acquired two absolutely phenomenal wines from a group of three friends who decided to combine their skills and make game-changing wine crammed full with as much charisma and sass as they are. The guilty suspects? None other than Some Young Punks. "Each time we make a wine it may be the last wine we make- and if it isn't worthy of being the last then it will never wear the Some Young Punks name." This is a direct quote from Colin Mcbride, Jen Gardner and Nic Bourke AKA the brains behind the SYP brand. They really mean business, don't they? If the artwork on the labels (hand-picked by the Punks from vintage magazines) and cheeky names don't attract you to these wines first, then surely this all-or-nothing approach to winemaking will assure you that each and every bottle packs a straight-in-the-taste-buds punch you'll become hooked on.

Naked On Roller Skates

First up is a wine that I personally fell in love with on my first sip. Naked On Roller Skates is a blend of Shiraz and Mataro grapes sourced from 6 different sites in the McLaren Vale, each with different soil profiles which give this wine the complexity and depth that makes it stand out. This wine is rich and intense, with a lot of black fruits and sweet blackcurrants giving way to a peppery dark chocolate finish. In my humble opinion, this blend of grapes does for wine what Romy and Michelle did for high school reunions. A truly standout wine, make sure you have a bottle of this waiting for you when you get back from your Boxing Day walk!

Passion Has Red Lips

If you prefer something a bit bolder, then don't panic- we've got you covered with this next bottle. Be warned though, you'll have to pucker up for this one- she's a knockout! Passion Has Red Lips is a decadent blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz with a vibrant nose of red fruits, vanilla and floral violets which come through on the palate with a bold finish full of herbaceous notes and tobacco. This wine packs one hell of a punch, I could imagine Dionysus himself cracking open a bottle of this after a long day of bewitching and dancing around hillsides. It is worth mentioning as an important final note that I was so excited to discover that both of these wines are vegan friendly! Hopefully this little gem of information will save even just one person the pain of trawling through the Barnivore website this festive season (the struggle is real, fellow vegans, but you can see more of our vegan wines here). I for one will be washing down my nut roast with a bottle of Passion Has Red Lips this Christmas, yum! So there we have it, our two new arrivals that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression by serving body and looks wherever they go. Whether you're looking for a present for the wine lover in your life, something to take to a dinner party or just because it's been the longest week of your life then look no further than these two lovely ladies; they really are some of the best New Australia has to offer. Please do pop in and say hi soon, we have so much to show you! Liv x