Neptune Brewery Beer now at Whitmore & White!

Neptune Brewery Beer now at Whitmore & White!

Neptune rises from the deep and brings us his bounty of... Beer??? Neptune Brewery was founded in 2015 by friends Les and Geoff, and quickly developed from a bit of fun to a full time job. So far they have been voted as the Top Merseyside Brewery 2018 by RateBeer and the sky is truly the limit for these pioneers of quality real ales. Based in Maghull, they provide beers to select bars, pubs and stores. We are extremely proud here at Whitmore & White to have added to our extensive arsenal of all things tastebud-tingling five of Neptune's incredible canned selection.

The Neptune Brewery Line-Up

The Neptune Brewery Line-Up

Nammu American Red

This American Red ale explodes with flavour in the same way Donald Trump's hair explodes in a hurricane. As smooth as Luther Vandross in the 80s, this will hit you with a caramel finish that will stay with you until your next can, which to be honest won't be far behind your first.

Amarillo and Citra IPA

Is this the way to Amarillo? Maybe. Coming in at a whopping 6.5%, this bruiser is the strongest of the five. Intensely grapefruity even for an IPA, the combination of Amarillo and Citra hops make for a unique taste you won't find anywhere else.

Mosaic Pale Ale

Brewed using purely Mosaic hops, plain and simple. This fresh punchy little pale ale delivers a jigsaw patchwork of tropical flavours with added zing, the ideal partner for a sunny garden and a smoking BBQ.

Ezili Pale Ale

Mosaic and Centennial hops join forces here in the most iconic pairing since Bert & Ernie. Fresh and spritzy, this is a perfect example of a fruity citrus pale ale. Perfect with a sunny terrace and a hammock.*

*Sunny terrace and hammock not included!

Abyss Oatmeal Stout

A jet black can of perfection, this chocolate and coffee oatmeal stout does exactly what it says on the tin. No longer is stout the drink of your grandad doing the crossword at his local working men's club, this is probably one of the most exciting ales that has come our way in a while. Best served as chilled as you are on a Sunday night after a big roast watching Countryfile. To top it all off, all of the above are unfiltered, unfixed and vegan friendly; how good is that!