Coffee, Beans, Blends & Beautiful Brews!

Coffee, Beans, Blends & Beautiful Brews!

Here at Whitmore & White our coffee has got quite a following, its fruity and nutty characteristics, long lingering finish and subtle acidity make it the perfect espresso blend for any cup of coffee. Where as before you would have to pop in store and have one of our expert baristas make you a cup of this fine coffee, we are very excited to announce you can now pick up a bag to take home!

So just what is it that makes our blend so good?

Firstly, all of the beans are roasted as a labour of love by Flaming Bean Coffee, a local small roastery based just a few miles from our first store. We have been working with Flaming Bean since we first opened in Heswall, selling their fabulous range of coffees. When we opened our second store in Frodsham, and added a coffee machine, it was obvious to us that we needed to be serving their coffee to our customers. Our coffee gained quite a following, and we are often that we "serve the best coffee in town". A year later when we opened in West Kirby it was a no brainer that Flaming Bean Coffee would be on the menu! Each individual batch is very small, meaning every batch is ever so subtly different. Yet they still manage to maintain the fantastic balance and long finish that make our coffee so irresistible. It is their passion and attention to detail that ensures every new batch of beans is as good as the last.

Secondly, its our specially selected beans, only available as our 'House Blend'. We are keeping the exact proportions a secret, but here is a rough idea:

We use majority Old Brown Java form Indonesia, this gives our blend its distinctive nutty characteristics and gentle acidity. It can sometimes give a sweeter impression and is very often rustic in its flavors, this is beautiful coffee that forms a key part of our blend.

The next bean is half of the South American component, Brazilian Santos, this is a coffee who's drying process involved leaving the bean in the cherry. Only once the cherry is dried is the bean removed and roasted, giving it the fruity notes that come through on our blend so elegantly. This is also a very important bean in our blend as it provides complexity and depth of flavour.

The final component comes from Columbia. The bean is slowly roasted to allow it to provide the long smooth finish to our blend. It also accentuates the nutty flavours ensuring the fruitiness of the Brazilian Santos does not overly dominate. Basically, it gives our blend its balance.

So now you can buy our house blend to drink at home, either Ground or as Beans. Whether you drink your coffee black or you are partial to the occasional Cortado, our House Blend won't let you down!

Why not pop in soon and grab a bag!