It's time to ditch all preconceptions about what an alcohol-free fizz is because Vilarnau just turned the tables! Made by one of our favourite Cava producers, this has been de-alcoholised (yes, it's a word!) to 0%. So forget your sugary grape juices and fruit spritz, this is a whole new world of alcohol free!


These new & innovative additions to our Vilarnau range are the first organic zero-alcohol sparkling wines to be developed by the winery. Using their wine making expertise Vilarnau have created a quality 0.0% ABV fizz with 70% fewer calories than regular cava, with only 50 calories a glass.

Completely vegan, the new, strikingly packaged bubbles have been developed by winemaker Eva Plazas in response to the growing demand in international and domestic markets for lower alcohol wines. She commented, 'It's taken us a while to perfect but we really believe that the new 0.0% Vilarnau fizz fits with the global trends towards mindfulness, balance and healthier lifestyle choices.'

She continued, 'Creating this organic, alcohol- free sparkling isn't very different from making traditional wine. We select grapes, carefully choosing sites that beautifully express the characteristics of each grape variety. Following harvest, our winemakers craft each wine using traditional methods, achieving rich flavour, alluring texture and excellent balance.'

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Vilarnau Alcohol Free Cava