Distilled from premium grapes, Vecchia Romagna is a brandy with an unmistakeable flavour. A long ageing process, combined with small oak casks, give a distinct, dry taste, and a complex, aromatic bouquet and warm, intense colour. This brandy is known the world over for its quality, as well as it's distinctive triangular bottle.


It all began in 1820 when a new distillery 'Distilleria Giovanni Buton' opened in Bologna. Its founder was Jean Bouton, who descended from a family of distillers from Charente in southwestern France. Arriving in Emilia Romagna, he decided that this would be the region to provide the grapes for his distilled beverages. The grape variety selected was Trebbiano Bianco. From 1939 on, the distillery of Trebbiano grapes took the name Vecchia Romagna. It was bottled in the trademark triangular bottle, which remains one of its distinguishing characteristics. In 1970 expansion continued with construction of 'la citta del brandy' (the town of brandy) in San Lazzaro-Ozzano Emilia consisting of 180,000 m2 designated for the production and ageing of Vecchia Romagna. Distillation takes place in pot stills before being aged for 3 years in small oak casks. In 1999, Vecchia Romagna secured its success by becoming part of Gruppo Montenegro, the Bologna-based company operating in the international wine and spirits industry for over 120 years.

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Vecchia Romagna Italian Brandy