Tasting Note

Three Wrens Rhubarb Edition is distilled with juniper, angelica, Cheshire rhubarb, cassia, cinnamon, sweet orange peel and fresh ginger. Deliciously rhubarby!

About the Producer

Three Wrens Gin is made in a beautiful hand crafted copper pot still, Valerie. The small distillery is based in the heart of rural Cheshire, surrounded by nature and woodland. Their spirit is made from 100% English wheat and many of the botanicals used are grown locally. All of the gins are made by the owner and master distiller in small batches of 100 bottles per run. Everything is done on site and they have control over each step of the process which allows them to ensure the quality and consistency of each batch. Three wrens is a truly harmonious spirit, formidable both as a base for cocktails, and in a classic gin and tonic.

England Cheshire Three Wrens Distillery 0.4
Three Wrens Rhubarb Gin