Sometimes, more is more. Wise words from the folks behind Profound Richness, a cracking 10-year-old Highland single malt brimming with powerful, meaty depth. The bold spirit is well suited to generous ageing, and a large portion of this one is finished in sherry casks selected especially for their notes of dried fruit, leather, and tobacco. The bold malt and hefty sherry influence tangle brilliantly, resulting in a rich, unctuous sipper.

Nose: Heaps of juicy cooked orchard fruits, Tarte Tatin, and buttery shortbread open the way for tannic old leather, dried apricot, and stewed plum. Robust malt develops beneath, with rich, boozy fruitcake.

Palate: Powerful layers of golden syrup, dulce de leche, and robust oak lead, joined by peaches, pears, and baked apricot. Dense yet mellow, woody spice progresses in time, with drying leather and beer sticks resting in the depths.

Finish: Red berries and marshmallows come through toward the finish, with wild strawberries and redcurrants supported by milky coffee, rum and raisin ice cream, and delicate hints of clove. Toasty notes of cinder toffee linger.

Profound Richness - 10 Year Old