In the heel of Italy, Manduria is considered the birth place of the native Primitivo grape, and was officially recognised as such in the 1970s when a DOC was created for the region. However Produttori di Manduria had been making wines for 40 years by then, unashamedly proud of their deep affection for Primitivo.

As well as making high quality examples of Puglia's most famous vinous export, the co-operative is well versed in producing fascinating whites from Fiano and Verdeca. But it is with the poetically titled Elegia that the extraordinary levels of quality come to light. Made from old bush vines up to 50 years old it creates a wine of intense dark berry fruit with wonderful balsamic end notes and excellent balance.

Manduria is considered the birth place of the native Primitivo grape, so much so that in 1974 the Italian Government recognised a specific DOC appellation to the Primitivo made in Manduria. A native variety of Puglia, the name Primitivo refers to the early ripening nature of this grape and in most instances harvest can be as early as mid - August. A genetic similarity has been proven between Apulian Primitivo, Californian Zinfandel and Croatian Tribidrag, and they are all considered biotypes of the same plant.

The Primitivo vines average 15 to 25 years old and are trained in the native alberello (bush vine) system and espallier. Harvested in early September the average yield is approximately 90 quintals per hectare.

Winemaking is carried out at a temperature of 25° C, macerating for a week, before ageing for a minimum of 6 months in big Slavonian oak casks.

Medium ruby red colour with a pure nose of ripe dark fruits, cherry, plum and sweet spices like ginger and aniseed supported with discreet oak. The palate is round and textured with a well balanced freshness, ending with a long and broad spicy finish.

A food-flexible wine, but pairs well with roast red meats, grills, pasta with ragu sauce.

Produttori di Manduria Lirica