Omed Rose Vinegar is an artisan vinegar produced from an excellent red grapes. Rose Vinegar is perfect for dishes with fish as a marinate, excellent for fish Carpaccio, vegetable dishes and salads. The variety of grapes used for this vinegar is Trepat. The origin of the grapes is from Lérida, Spain.  The acidity of Omed Rose Vinegar is 6º. 

The Spanish grapes Trepat creates a vinegar which has a smooth and fresh flavour, with a slight bittersweet hints or red berries. Omed Rose Vinegar is a perfect for savoury dishes, salads and cheese. Try Rose Vinegar with asparagus, leeks, mushrooms and ripe tomatoes with blue cheese or chevre. Rose Vinegar makes a perfect dressing for the fresh oysters with shallots. 

Omed Rose Vinegar has been aged 12 months in French oak barrels, this method called Schützenbach.

The Omed olive oil mill is located in Acula, Andalucia. Their mission is to produce high-quality olive oils and vinegars combining traditional knowledge with cutting edge technology.

At 700 meters above the sea level, on the slopes of the legendary mountain Sierra Nevada in the Andalusian province of Granada, lies the company's distinctive olive grove- The Omed Olive Oil. For generations the Garcia-Casas family has harvested their own olive trees.

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Allergens: Sulphites.

Vegan. Gluten Free

Omed rose vinegar