Amber in colour with a golden hue. The nose has aromas of bitter orange blossom, roses and apricot alongside honey, vanilla and violet. The palate is well-balanced with flavours of raisins, peach and brioche with a finish of oak and almond notes. Enjoy Metaxa 5 Star neat, on ice or with the light mixer of your choice.


At the edge of Europe, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Muscat vineyards are nourished by the Sun, kept cool by the sea breeze, their roots piercing tough mineral soil. The inimitable spirit character of Metaxa is crowned with the gift of Muscat wine. A noble varietal, Muscat has been yielding wines of the highest aromatic concentration since Antiquity. The finest Muscats are chosen by the Metaxa Master to blend with his aged distillates, thus creating the signature smoothness of Metaxa.

in 1888, Spyros Metaxa set out to reach a level of smoothness and aromatic intensity never previously attained in spirits. To get to his vision, he blazed his original path, creating a drink vibrant and spirited, yet smooth on the palate - truly rewarding to the senses. Metaxa. Today, the House of Metaxa brings this style to life, always true to the Originality, Vibrancy and Risk-taking Courage of the Founder.

Greece Metaxa Muscat 0.38
Metaxa 5 Star