Tasting Note

Introducing the newest Manchester Gin flavour! This Blackberry infused Gin uses the Manchester Gin wonderful, award-winning Signature recipe with the addition of gorgeous blackberries. It's a rich gin - still juniper led - but with a real, bold juiciness. The colour is a deep, dark purple, lightening to vibrant red when mixed with tonic.

Each bottle is packed with the juice of fresh blackberries - in fact, a third of each bottle is blackberry juice. But don't worry, we've maintained a high ABV. At 40% ABV, this is still very much a gin, not a liqueur.

Perfect serve? We recommend a premium elderflower tonic, like Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic. garnished with fresh rosemary and two blueberries. It's also perfect for a wintery hot serve (with elderflower syrup and hot water) or in a classic Bramble.

About the Producer

Having met in dark basement night spot in Manchester, Seb Heeley and Jen Wiggins embarked on a love story to craft their very own refreshing and unique Gin. The result is a beautiful yet versatile version of a London Dry Gin with a link to their Northern upbringing through the use of their two distinct botanicals. Made in the city they live in, met in and fell in love in. 50cl.

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Manchester Blackberry Gin