Made with natural coconut milk harvested at an environmentally-sustainable plantation, Kalani is a rich rum liqueur that hits all the sweet spots.


Casa d'Aristi are renowned for their sustainable production methods and close relationships with the local farming communities, and Kalani is a great example of this.

The liqueur is made from yellow dwarf coconuts grown at the Oxtapacab plantation, situated on an old colonial hacienda which dates back to 1891. Pollinated by the stingless Mayan bee, the coconut trees have a lifespan of around 50 years, and are harvested up to three times annually.

The coconuts are all picked, de-shelled and cleaned by hand. The white flesh is then crushed, flaked and shredded, before being gently pressed to capture all of the milk, which is refrigerated and sent directly to Casa d'Aristi. The remaining coconut shells and husk are repurposed for animal feed and recycled into fertiliser for the plantation.

At Casa d'Aristi, the coconut milk is then combined with Mexican sugar cane rum and gently heated to 80°c, to allow the milk to develop delicious roasted characteristics. The combined liquid is then filtered 6 or 7 times to achieve the perfect natural colour, before being bottled on site at Casa d'Aristi.

30% Kalani
Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur