Cidre de Normandie is light and fruity - it can be drunk with fish, white meat or Camembert de Normandie, or just as a thirst quencher. In France, it is a tradition to drink it with pancakes.


The Drouin family has a passion for Calvados and their goal is to produce an exceptional product using traditional methods. This passion extends to all ' apple based ' products including their rather amazing Cidre. Cider in Normandy enjoys a high reputation because it is made from cider apples varieties. In most countries cider is produced from the same apples that people eat. They are more than 400 different varieties of cider apples. In an average orchard you find 15 to 30 different kinds of cider apples in Normandy. Christian Drouin cider is made from 30 different varieties of cider apples. The dominant varieties used (70%) are bitter kinds with a lot of tannins. These apples give the cider its structure and body. 20% are sweet varieties used for their fruit character. The remaining 10% are acidic apples which make the cider fine and fresh and a world away from most of the Ciders drunk in the UK today.

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Christian Drouin Cidre de Normandie