This unique Spanish brandy is aged, like a sherry, in a solera made from casks that previously held fine Pedro Ximinez and Oloroso sherries, imparting an incredible richness & complexity to the spirit. Aromas of raisins and plums dominate the nose, along with notes of espresso coffee and a touch of liquorice. Sweet and fat on the palate, with lots of dried fruit and more raisins and a distinctive, unique taste with a very cultured PX influence and just enough bittersweet coffee and caramel to balance well. The finish is well-balanced, long and nutty.


Snchez Romate Hnos SA first started releasing brandy in the late 19th century. The firm now has over 100 years of brandy-making experience. Regulated under thestrict auspices of the Consejo Regulador (the Brandy de Jerez regulatory body)and the even stricter controls of the bodegas of Snchez Romate Hnos SA itself. The Cardenal Mendoza brand surpasses these regulations with ease, making it one of the greatest and most sought after brandies in its category. The company was founded in 1781 by Juan Snchez de la Torre, but it was not until 1887 the first four barrels of Cardenal Mendoza were laid down...which are still in use today! Cardenal Mendoza is one of the few great brandies produced in a time-honoured system, exactly as it was more than 100 years ago. The brandy was named in honour of an eminent figure from Spanish history, Cardenal Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza (1428'1495), who played an important role in promoting the discovery of the Americas.

Spain Cardenal Mendoza 0.36
Cardinal Mendoza Brandy 15YO