Delicious thin leaves of 70% cocoa chocolate with a touch of Mediterranean Salt which come in a metal box decorated with old promotional posters from Chocolate Amatller of Barcelona.

Made Amatller's own method of cocoa bean selection, roasting, refining and conching, the chocolate is characterised by an intense flavour, which has a long finish and an accent on toasted notes.

The leaves are packaged in an airtight, heat-sealed tray, which limits oxidisation and guarantees freshness until opened.

Ideal to give as a gift or to share. Melts in the mouth with a creamy sensation. Roasted aromas of coffee and nuts, from which emerges the slightly salty taste of sea salt, bringing freshness and making the mouth water, taming the bitterness of the cocoa and making it more delicate. A delicious interaction between cocoa and sea salt. 60g

Amatller 70% Dark Chocolate Leaves with Sea Salt - 60g