This is a fine example of a crystal-clear blanco, made from 100% estate-grown Blue Weber Agave and pristine water from the springs of the nearby volcano. Arette is produced at one of the oldest distilleries in the old town of Tequila, Jalisco, through a process that has been handed down through several generations of the Orendain family.

Arette Tequila is crafted from fully mature Blue Weber agave grown in fields on the outskirts surrounding the historic El Llano distillery. After harvesting, the piñas are cooked in a modern pressure-cooker style autoclave cooker, before being crushed in a mechanical mill. A combination of cultivated and wild yeast strains are used in the open-air tank fermentation process.

After this, the tequila is twice-distilled in small batches using steel pot stills, before being transferred to steel tanks to bottle as Arette's signature Blanco.


Brothers and tequileros Eduardo and Jaime Orendain, and son Eduardo Junior are part of a family with a longstanding heritage of agave spirits in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, and owners of the renowned Casa Orendain label.

Built in 1926, the small-scale distilleria El Llano is located in the heart of Tequila town, the oldest tequila distillery in the region.

Originally the home of Casa Orendain which outgrew the distillery in 1960, El Llano became the home of Arette tequilas when it was established by the brothers in 1986.

38% Arette
Arette Tequila Blanco