Dominican Republic, yet with its roots in Cuba's long heritage of rum-making, Ron Matusalem perfectly capture the essence of what a classic añejo should be. An elegantly refined Solera-aged rum of great character - superbly rounded with notes of dried fruit and creamy vanilla.

Made to the same family recipe and process for 140 years, Ron Matusalem Añejo is a triple-distilled, double-filtered molasses-based rum, which is patiently and methodically matured and blended in the house's proprietary Solera-style cask aging system.

A combination of American and French white oak barrels is used, some of which are ex-Bourbon casks. Meticulous in their craft, these barrels can be toasted or charred to different levels to achieve different flavours and aromas.

The master blender oversees the careful blending of rums aged for three years to create this perfectly balanced añejo.


Matusalem was founded in 1872 by Spanish brothers Benjamin and Eduardo Camp and partner Evaristo Alvarez, inspired to open a rum distillery which would specialize in the distillation and blending principles of Spanish wine, sherry and brandy.

With the onset of the Cuban revolution in 1959, the family were exiled to the Dominican Republic. Bringing their finely-honed systems and production methods, Matusalem successfully re-established the brand and continue to produce their portfolio of award-winning rums today, overseen by Claudio Alvarez, descendent of founder Everisto Alvarez.

38% Ron Matusalem
Ron Matusalem Anejo Rum