Favourite Christmas Gin

Gingle bells, Gingle Bells, Gingle all the way! Gin is as popular as it's ever been, and no doubt will top the Christmas lists of many of your relatives. Fear not if you know nothing about the stuff, Whitmore & White are here to offer your bags of ginspiration with our top gin picks for Christmas gin! 

Christmas Wine Crackers with Graham Simpson

Ahhh, there's that crisp smell of winter in the air, then BANG! Christmas is here and you're tail-spinning into some awful supermarket wine deal! Resist! We've got you covered! Here are six Christmas Crackers to enjoy either on the day, or indeed at any time (or for some of you, all the time!) over the festive period. 

Charles Smith Wines

We are huge fans of Charles Smith Wines here at Whitmore & White. This former rock band manager turned wine maker is as innovative and interesting as he is funky and cool and his wines are a welcome expression of his personality.

Whitmore & White Launch Whitmore Gin

We actually did it! We made our own gin! Today sees the launch of Whitmore & White Whitmore Gin, created by us and distilled right here on the Wirral. This has been six months in the making, so we're thrilled to have finally launched it today!

Been one of those days? Would a glass of wine help?

We've all been there haven't we? Stuck in a Bank Holiday traffic jam for five hours and when we finally get home all we want to do is crack open a bottle of wine/beer/gin/whisky/vodka/cup of tea (delete as appropriate) and relax.

Wine Tasting 101 - A Short Guide for First Timers

So, you've tried a few wines, you found a few you like and few you don't. You've moved on from the supermarket to your friendly independent wine merchants (yoohoo!) and have started to explore a whole new world of wine. But how do you really start to learn about the wine in front of you when it comes to making good choices? 

Easter Eggstravagantly Cracked

I know it only feels like Christmas was a couple of weeks ago, but Easter is almost upon us. With that in mind, we have some really interesting Easter lines in store. From the classic

Graham's Cheese Moment - Perl Wen

Perl Wen is a soft and creamy Welsh cheese produced at the Caws Cenarth Dairy Farm in Pontseli, Camarthenshire. It all began 30 years ago when Gwynfor and Thelma Adams had to diversify from a straight dairy farm and began

Wine Buyer's Choice - Fiorebella Rosso del Veneto Appassimento

This is a beautiful wine. Made in the Appassimento method whereby the Corvina and Merlot grapes are air-dried for a length of time before fermenting, in exactly the same