This glorious, double-barrelled golden rum has taken a first class journey. It begins on the banks of the Demerara River as molasses, then after pot-still and traditional column-still distillations is aged in ex-bourbon barrels before arriving at Weetwood's Cheshire distillery where it is refined and finished in oak barrels before bottling. Weetwood have selected a unique blend of young and old rum to balance perfectly the depth and richness of molasses and oak with the vibrancy and sweetness of caramel and cacao. Enjoy neat, add zing with ginger beer and lime or have fun with cocktails.


Weetwood Ales began brewing in 1992 when finding a great pint of cask ale was a challenge. The brewery was founded by Adrian Slater, a skilled brewer, and Roger Langford, a farmer with space in a barn and a love for proper beer. Roger's farm is in Weetwood Common, near Tarporley in Cheshire and the brewery took the name. From day one, the brewery combined in-depth knowledge of a very large brewery with the passion, dedication, service and humility of a small business. Weetwood's enduring reputation for consistency and quality developed and a large, loyal following resulted. Word spread, awards were won and output increased. A talented team of skilled people was built up and a new, bigger brewery was built. Beer and spirits go hand-in-hand. The team now finally have the space and resources and so, in an enterprise totally complementary to the brewery, they have launched Weetwood Distillery. From the fermentation vessels to the German copper still custom-built to their precise design, nothing has been overlooked on the journey their spirits are taking from grain, mashed in their own brewhouse, all the way through to the glass. Producing their own base spirit adds complexity and time, however they believe this authentic approach provides a significant point-of-difference and enhances the substance and character of the wonderful spirits they create.

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Weetwood Rum