Tasting Note

Mortlach distillery is in the spiritual heartland of Speyside, Dufftown. It was the first legal distillery to be built there in 1823. Mortlach is far from typical however, with the distillery using three wash stills and three spirit stills. The 16yo Mortlach is drawn from Sherry casks - the rich, intense sweetness fits nicely with the passion that the distillery is known for. The nose is ginger and orange peel with a background of roasted chestnuts, quince jelly and blackcurrant. The palate is redolent of old oak, cloves, prunes, hazelnuts and figs. The finish is oily with walnut, raisin and gingersnaps. Very fruit cake in style.

About the Producer

Mortlach was founded in 1823 and its main claim to fame is that it was the first of seven distilleries to be built in and around the village of Dufftown, in Speyside. The distillery has a unique distillation process where it distils the spirit two-and-a-half times. This, together with worm tubs used to condense the spirit, gives the whisky the complexity for which it is renowned and also makes the whisky suitable for longer ageing.

Unlike most distilleries in Scotland, Mortlach was given permission to remain in production during most of World War II. Gordon & MacPhail have still stocks of rare war years whisky.

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Mortlach 16 YO