Lindisfarne Mead is a legend in a glass and perhaps the most popular mead in the UK. A unique blend of honey and wine, this version blends carefully chosen spices with the already famous mead to produce a delicious seasonal taste. 70cl


'St.Aidan's Winery' the home of 'Lindisfarne Mead' is situated in the centre of Holy Island village adjacent to the market place. The showroom has been open to the public since 1968 and attracts over 200,000 visitors annually from all over the world.

Lindisfarne Mead is a unique alcoholic fortified wine manufactured hn the Holy Island of Lindisfarne from fermented white grapes, honey, herbs, the pure natural water from the island's artesian well fortified with fine spirits. Mead has for centuries been renowned as an 'aphrodisiac' and the word Honeymoon is derived from the ancient Norwegian custom of having newly-weds drink mead for a whole moon (month) in order to increase their fertility and therefore their chances of a happy and fulfilled marriage...

World famous 'Lindisfarne Mead' is not only the connoisseur's choice but makes a supreme drink for young and old alike whatever the season. To many it is regarded as the 'nectar of the gods'.

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