Caraway seed is placed into vats with natural alcohol derived from sugar beet. The pot stills are steam heated for 7 hours with steam is passing under the stills at 152oC at 7 bar pressure. At this temperature it takes 20 minutes for the still to start boiling. Once the distillate passes through the cooling pipes it is collected in inert tubs and then double distilled to produce exceptional clarity of flavour. During the first distillation, the hearts and tails are retained, however the unstable heads are disposed of. The hearts and the tails then together undergo a second distillation from which only the hearts are collected. This clear, stable liquid is transferred to stainless steel vats where it is mixed with sugar and reduced to 38% abv with ionised water. It remains in these vats for 2 months prior to bottling. It is then rinsed with a neutral spirit, filled and wax sealed by hand.

Powerful, lifted aromas of aniseed, cumin and hints of orange zest on the nose. A sweet liqueur, filling the mouth with flavours of caraway and white pepper. Liquorice notes linger on the finish, striking a great balance of sweetness and spice.

A wonderful way to end a meal, Mentzendorff Kummel - served ice cold - is great as a digestif and an interesting addition to cocktails.

France Mentzendorff The perfect digestif 0.38
Kummel Mentzendorff