Made in the village of Koskenkorva, Finland, this is a refreshingly straightforward vodka made with locally sourced barley and exceptionally pure unfiltered spring water.

An entirely Finnish story, Koskenkorva's production starts with its grain. Made with the world's most northernmost grown barley, a collective of over 1500 farmers grow the native grain used in the spirit's production, all grown within a 200km radius of the village. Unfiltered locally-sourced natural spring water is also a vital element which contributes to the spirit's smooth, natural flavour.

Koskenkorva's state-of-the-art process of continuous distillation means the fermenting barley mash is distilled over 250 times, with the spirit being continuously fed into five separate distillation columns. In pursuit of absolute sustainability, four additional supporting columns then recycle the fusel alcohol (spent alcohol) from the main distillation, contributing to an impressive 99% efficiency level.

This process of continuous distillation also reduces water consumption, energy and chemical use by eliminating the need for unnecessary washing. This vodka is so pure that filtration is not required, and is bottled at 40% ABV.


The Koskenkorva distillery is overseen by Finland's state-owned drinks company Altia and provides employment for villagers, whilst supporting the region's longstanding farming heritage.

For Koskenkorva and Altia, sustainability is a way of life, and the recycling and reutilisation rate at the distillery is an impressive 99.9%.

Adhering to the principles of a 'circular economy', by-products from the Koskenkorva distillery also produce starches for animal feed, whilst all the carbon dioxide generated in production is reused for greenhouse cultivation.

Leftover grains are used in an internal energy plant, where the resulting ashes are used to fertilise the fields surrounding the village.

40% Koskenkorva
Koskenkorva Vodka