Catànies are the most famous chocolates made by Bombons Cudié, an artisan chocolate company in Catalunya. These 'Catànies' bonbons are a delicious treat made with sweet toasted and caramelised Marcona amonds dipped in a delicious creme brulee flavoured white chocolate with a hint of orange. Savour these delicious chocolate almonds on their own or with a cup of your favourite coffee.

Josep Cudié was a master chocolate maker in the town of Vilafranca del Penedès. Back in 1946, his original chocolate shop was located in a historic building called 'Cal Catani'. His chocolate covered almonds were so popular that people began to call them 'Catànies'. For three generations, Cudié chocolates have been handmade with a unique combination of Marcona almonds and chocolate praline. The recipe for the praline is a well-kept family secret and the recipe has been passed from generation to generation. Bombons Cudié is a family-run company that insists on using only the very best gourmet chocolate and the finest quality ingredients available.


Cudié Catanies Almonds Crema Catalana