Described as the most complicated gin in the world, Chase Elegant gin is the first and only gin to be distilled from cider apples. The nose has aromas of juniper, citrus and spices, with a palate of warm spices and earthy notes with a full-bodied, aromatic, complex finish with huge depth and a presence that simply cannot be equalled. Superb.


Unlike most other gins, where a neutral grain spirit is simply redistilled, Chase Elegant Gin is created by first pressing cider apples, fermenting the juice into cider, then distilling into Naked Chase Apple Vodka. To convert the Naked Chase into our Elegant Gin, they distil the spirit with 11 carefully considered wild botanicals, including juniper, angelica, orange and lemon peel, hops and elderflower, in a small Carter-Head Still (affectionately named 'Ginny'). The process is finished by the addition of naturally pure water taken from the aquifer that runs underneath the orchards on the farm. The resultant flavour is a full bodied, sharp yet fruity gin with tears and true provenance.

Chase Distillery is a family owned, single estate distillery in Herefordshire who have been distilling fine spirits since 2008 from potatoes and apples grown on their farm. It is this "Field to Bottle" approach that gives Chase the ability to monitor and control every aspect of quality and flavour in the production process - a level of attention to detail which can be tasted in every bottle!

Designed to create the ultimate Gin Martini; 1 part dry vermouth, 2 parts Chase Elegant Gin. Shake all ingredients and strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with a slice of apple.

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Chase Elegant Gin