Tasting Note

Ask ten people to describe Chambord and you'll get ten different answers. Nobody really knows what its raison d'etre really is, suffice to say that it's definitely here and it's made by pixies.

About the Producer

Who really knows? But we do know that the world's finest blackberries and raspberries are chosen. Then the juices are squeezed, soaked in French spirits and left to mingle for four weeks to surrender their flavour to the pixie overlords. More French spirits are added to wash the fruit for more flavour. After two weeks the infusion has infused. Bravo.

Next, the fruit is delicately pressed. The natural juices and sugars are captured. And bon. We have a delicious, rich natural black raspberry fruit base as velvety as a velvet cushion.

Then they introduce the Master Blender. The velvety fruity base is married to the fine French XO cognac, extracts of Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel and honey then left to mingle. Here le fruit flavours are perfectly balanced that make Chambord the delicious all-natural black raspberry liqueur. Bravo pixie people. Bravo.

France Loire Valley Chambord Champagne! 0.165