This is Big 5's take on the famous Monkey Gland Sauce (contains no monkeys or glands!!), a sauce well known by many South Africans and found in most steak houses throughout South Africa. By using specially selected ingredients, we produced this unique BBQ, or Braai, sauce. With a little sweet and spice thrown in, the Zingy BBQ Sauce makes a perfect condiment to slow cooked meats, bacon sandwiches, breakfasts and so-on, or it can be used as a marinade for perfect sticky ribs.


Big 5 Sauces started as a result of the success of Big 5 Catering, a Chester based catering business, specialising in hog roasts, lamb spit roasts and South African Braais (BBQs). The sauces were originally made and served at various events and after numerous requests enquiring about where they could be purchased, the next obvious step was to produce and bottle the sauces for retail sale, hence the birth of Big 5 Sauces. Head chef and owner, Darren Andrews from South Africa, has a vision to bring a taste of Southern Africa to UK homes, by introducing these products to farm shops, delis and local markets. Darren and the team hope you will enjoy eating the products as much as they have enjoyed refining and producing them.

UK Cheshire Big 5 Great as a marinade or condiment!
Big 5 Zingy BBQ Sauce