Made with a healthy dose of Arran Single Malt whisky, this cream liqueur is luscious, luxurious liquid perfection. Outstandingly smooth, with notes of chocolate, cassis, malt and a touch of fresh mint, this is nothing short of a delicious treat.

Arran craft this cream liqueur with Single Malt copper-pot distilled whisky made with a blend of Scottish-grown malted barley, and fresh water from nearby Loch na Davie, reputedly the source of the purest water in Scotland.

This is then blended with fresh dairy cream sourced from cattle herds reared on the island, and bottled at 17% abv.


Founded by whisky industry veteran Harold Currie, the Isle of Arran Distillery opened in the village of Lochranza in 1995, bringing (legal) whisky production back to the island for the first time since the mid 1800s, when the island was a hotbed of illicit whisky making.

After three years of maturation, the first legal dram made on Arran in over 160 years was poured in 1998, whilst the first 10 Year-Old came of age in 2006.

Over the past two decades, and under the watchful eye of Master Distiller James MacTaggart, the distillery has built a name for itself for its non-peated expressions, whilst from time to time releasing limited edition peated bottlings.

In 2019, the Isle of Arran Distillers also opened their doors to a sister distillery located on the southern tip of the island, overlooking the Firth of Clyde and the beaches of the south. The Lagg Distillery will specialise in contrasting peated styles of whisky, quite distinctive from the Arran Malts produced at the Lochranza distillery, with their first single malt expected for release in 2022.

17% Arran Distillery
Arran Gold Cream Liqueur